Hog Roast Events

Using the finest outdoor reared, rare breed pigs, we are able to provide delicious Hog Roasts: either totally traditional or with our usual unique Barn Bistro twist.

Some of our favorite ‘with a twist’ options to make your hog roast a little bit more individual are:

Goan Pork:

Aromatic South Indian spiced marinade for the Hog, served with chapattis, raita, sambar sauce, Panaji  carrot  salad

BBQ Jerk pulled Pork:

Jerk rub for the Hog, served with jacket potatoes, sour cream BBQ sauce and corn on the cob

Carnitas Mexican Pork:

Chipotle and citrus rub for super slow cooked pork, served with soft tacos, salsa, guacamole and Sonora salad

It’s a great informal way to cater for your next event at The Barn, or ask us about hog roast machine hire in Scarborough.